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L.E.A.D. in HR Program

Is This Your Time to Level Up?

If you’re an HR professional with 3-10 years of experience, looking for ways to tap into your next level of greatness and lead the business transformation underway in the HR field—keep reading.

There’s no doubt that you have gifts and talents. But, that’s not enough. Businesses today are relying on HR leaders to shape a new path of organizational sustainability and growth, fully prepared for the next disruption—whatever that may be.

It is incumbent upon you to develop the skills and approaches which help you to effectively lead with excellence, adding value in any setting. A targeted training and development program is integral to your professional journey. 

Enter the L.E.A.D. in HR Program:


Leadership Excellence and Accelerated Development in HR.

After more than 25 years in business leading global HR teams, serving as a teaching practitioner for Baruch College’s Great Leaders Program and as a multi-year Instructor for PEER 150’s CHRO Institute, Jo Rencher, Founder and Principal of WGNinHR Consulting, has designed this training program with you—the next generation HR leader—in mind.

As an emerging HR leader, it’s time to step into your season fully equipped. L.E.A.D. in HR is a virtual 12-week, 6-module training program which will include an optional BONUS Module in week 13. This training program will sharpen and challenge you, adding a host of new tools to your toolkit as an HR professional for your organization.


Participants will meet each week in a virtual classroom engaging in 6-modules, each module lasting two weeks. (The optional BONUS Module-7 will conclude in 1-week)

Program Schedule

Fall Session
August 19 - November 18, 2021
Thursdays 6pm - 8pm EST

Class size is limited. Register early.


Winter Session
January 6 - April 7, 2022
Thursdays 6pm - 8pm EST


Program Syllabus

Module 1: Exploring Traditional and Non-Traditional HR Roles

  • the 7 non-negotiable HR competencies

  • should you be an HR Generalist or HR Specialist?

  • new dimensions of the HR Strategic Business Partner Role


Module 2: How to Navigate the Complexities of Diversity & Inclusion in Today’s Workplace

  • inclusive leadership

  • how to engage the workforce with ‘net neutrality’ as an HR professional


Module 3: Shaping a Talent Management Strategy

  • translating a Company business strategy into the right People strategies


Module 4: Yes...Revenue Generation in HR

  • 4 ways to increase, or generate, revenue for your company


Module 5: Managing Up and/or Across to a Changing C-Suite

  • learning how to be a peer coach to senior leaders

  • the HR Strategic Business Partner in action


Module 6: The Future of HR

  • the role of HR during, and beyond, disruptive change


BONUS Module 7: Customizing Your Career Journey (Optional)

  • developing a career vision

  • defining goals

  • identifying career resources

  • charting multiple paths


Program Structure

  • 2-hour live Zoom interactive sessions each week for a total of 24-hours of instruction.

  • Mock HR issues for discussion and learning

  • 2 Discussion Forums for peer-to-peer/instructor interaction outside of Zoom sessions



Program Outcomes

At the end of this virtual program and fueled by their own 100% commitment, participants can expect to come away with:

  • Defined focus areas for HR Business Partners

  • A deeper understanding of transferable skills

  • Tools for working at the intersection between business strategy, people and culture

  • Techniques for holding courageous conversations

  • Strategies for building inclusive leadership

  • A roadmap for a successful talent management strategy— from hiring to succession planning

  • New roles for today’s HR function

  • An exploration of work roles for early HR career stages

  • Refined/newly defined career goals

  • Free resources for continued individual exploration, including the book, Tough As Nails: Finding Your Voice As a Woman in the Workplace, by Jo Rencher (for men, too!)

  • A Certificate of Completion












Program Cost





What Now?

Register HERE and take one step closer to the next level in your HR career.

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