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4 Essentials When Choosing a Search Firm

JR&A places senior talent across the United States territories. Our team of search consultants offer retained and contingency search services, and business partnership to identify emerging and executive leaders. We cater to three industries: financial services, data science and technology, and nonprofits.


The base salaries for our searches tend to be $100K and above. A few examples of our position specializations include:

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  • Executive Director

  • Chief Legal Officer

  • Chief Human Resources Officer / Chief People Officer

  • Chief Development (Fundraising) Officer

  • Chief Revenue Officer

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • VP, Employee Experience

  • Director of Information Technology

  • Director, Business Services (Operations)

  • Investment Consultant



We recognize the power of all types of diversity—including diversity of thought—as we strive to bring a variety of backgrounds and expertise into the search process.

JR&A’s Search Methodology


All of our work is driven by a laser-like focus in providing customized results. We do this by working hard to understand your business needs, pain points, and opportunities to be leveraged. We employ an extensive global network in order to build a candidate pool uniquely matched to your job specifications. We test and refine the process along the way, until you’re fully satisfied that the first few interviews are the best use of your time and ours.


We work quickly not because we’re chasing a fee. Instead, we’re chasing the caliber of talent that will help your business to soar.


To date, every candidate selected by our firm has exceeded the needs of our clients.


In our retained searches, we bring our expertise to bear from the front end of the search through the back end: advice on team design, compensation assessments, and role optimization strategies. In addition, we prepare extensive candidate assessments and briefs gleaned from in depth candidate conversations and explorations. We believe that focused preparation eliminates time wasters and enhances discussions. We work hard to help both our clients and candidates to be over-prepared for their first encounter.


In both our retained and contingency searches, we manage our performance and client partnerships against key metrics. And, once a final candidate is in full view, we provide strategic and tactical advice on accelerated onboarding/acclimation.


'a la carte' Option

Recognizing that there are times when clients may not require the full 'menu' of search support, JR&A also provides an 'a la carte' option. Through this offering, we can supplement clients' resources and networks to help jumpstart their search process. For a significantly reduced flat fee, we agree to leverage our global network and provide clients with 5-8 uniquely qualified candidates within 21 days of the job assessment meeting. ​​

Our Expertise

Our team has worked across multiple sectors, holding influential roles in C-Suite and other leadership capacities, in both the domestic and international arenas.

We have access to a global talent network, a robust ATS, creative smarts, and the ability to find talent to fill traditional and non-traditional roles.


We possess an acute understanding of the expectations of all types of stakeholders—whether they are shareholders, volunteer leaders, community members, business owners or team leaders.