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Business Advisory

Advising Boards, CEOs and C-Suite Leaders

  • Designing CEO onboarding and acclimation programs

  • Designing Strategic and Operational Planning processes

  • C-Suite and team support

  • Providing more holistic solutions to increase Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging 


Talent Acquisition Redesign & Support

Redesigning talent acquisition function to  accelerate hiring

  • Leveraging employer value proposition (EVP)

  • Designing and developing career site

  • Recruitment marketing 

  • Defining job profiles aligned with organizational design/business strategy

  • Optimizing recruitment process, applying key metrics---including diversity, inclusion and belonging

  • Activating or elevating social media and digital strategies DS

Succession Planning

Increasing company sustainability through business critical roles​

  • Identifying 'bench' employees as successors--internal and external--for critical roles using our proprietary tools

  • Shaping customized development plans for successors

  • Supporting sensitive conversations with departing incumbents

  • Engaging the Board to ensure alignment in succession plans


Strategic Business Partnership

Designing best-in-class People teams and company initiatives

  • Business-driven strategies and goals

  • HR Audits to increase stability, improve revenue and overall business health

  • Advising CEOs/C-Suite/HR/Team Leaders on organizational design structures 

  • Designing and facilitating offsite business retreats to strengthen teams and businesses

Change Management

​Designing and Deploying Change Management Initiatives

  • Aligning a change management strategy with the overall business direction

  • Supporting managers/leaders through transformation initiatives 

  • Creating a blueprint for effective and 'sticky' change

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